Greek Yogurt Is The Science-Backed Fix For Garlic Breath

Greek yogurt in glass jars
Greek yogurt in glass jars - Gala Oleksenko/Shutterstock

It seems like the strongest-smelling things in life are also the best ingredients. The pungent smells of red onions, pickled herring, and Brussels sprouts can be an assault on the nose -- and yet, they taste incredible. Garlic is no different. But the aromatic is notorious for causing foul breath. To fix this, next time you order a garlic dish, get a side of Greek yogurt, as well.

A recent study in Molecules shows that whole milk plain yogurt is highly effective at neutralizing raw garlic's odor. Composed of water, fat, and protein, yogurt works to reduce the odor-producing volatiles in garlic by 99%. When tested against those three main components, researchers found that while all three significantly reduced the smell of garlic, fat and protein together were more efficient than water alone.

High in protein and fat, Greek yogurt is the best choice for ridding yourself of garlic breath. However, you may be able to consume other dairy products for a similar effect.

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Does All Dairy Neutralize Garlic Breath?

A basket full of garlic
A basket full of garlic - Hai Zainul/Shutterstock

For people who aren't a fan of Greek yogurt's tangy taste, a glass of milk is perfectly fine. With fat and protein being the two ingredients that banish garlic breath, whole milk should also do the trick. Whether you drink it as you consume the garlic or right after, the pungent smell will be warded away. If you don't want to order a glass of milk to enjoy with creamy garlic butter noodles, get ice cream for dessert instead.

While you may not eat a spoonful of butter to ward off garlic breath, frying garlic in it can prevent the acrid smell. In the Molecules study, the researchers discovered that adding butter to water also minimized the odor of garlic. Additionally, frying garlic in general is an adequate method for reducing garlic's smell.

If you're lactose intolerant, don't fret -- there are other methods for quickly getting rid of garlic breath. Both lemon juice and green tea can help get rid of garlic breath. While lemon juice contains properties that banish certain odor-causing enzymes in garlic, green tea's antioxidants can mask garlic's strong smell.

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