'Greatest joke of all time': Aussie great savages Horn and Mundine

Tony Shaw says Jeff Horn’s bout with Anthony Mundine has set Australian boxing back 20 years.

Mundine lasted just 96 seconds in the final fight of his career, succumbing to an all-out attack from Horn straight from the bell.

Both men reportedly made about $3 million from the farcical fight, which has caused widespread anger among fans and boxing pundits.

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And according to Shaw, the former AFL player and coach, the fight was the “greatest joke of all time”.

“It’s put back boxing in Australia probably 20 years,” he said on Macquarie Sports Radio on Monday.

“It was embarrassing.”

Jeff Horn punches Anthony Mundine during the River City Rumble. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Shaw was particularly enraged by Mundine’s admission that all of his pre-fight trash-talk, as well as his physical attack on Horn at the weigh-in, was just about building up the hype and selling more tickets and pay-per-views.

“I don’t want to see Anthony Mundine sledge before the fight and get physical, and then he acts like a yapping dog behind the locked front gate because he didn’t come out to fight the way he should have fought,” he said.

Horn said he wanted to make a statement to the world with a quick knockout of Mundine, in order to get a rematch with Terence Crawford.

But Shaw reckons Horn’s win over Mundine has been counter-productive.

“It’s just a joke, he’s saying he wants a rematch with Terence Crawford, but he has to fight about seven or eight other people under Terence Crawford’s level just to get a chance.

“And the other thing he said was ‘bring him out here because this is my lucky spot to fight’.

“It was the greatest joke of all time.”

Jeff Horn knocks out Anthony Mundine. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

All an act: Mundine’s candid admission

As the curtain came down on Mundine’s controversial career, he finally dropped the act.

“All the hype and all the bulls*** that I talk, you guys get caught up in up all the time but I’m really a cool cat, down to earth, pious and humble,” he said.

“I just want to say all the trash I talk, we’re in the entertainment business and I’ve got to try and get bums on seats, get people talking.

“Obviously a lot of people are going to like it, a lot of them are not going to like it so you’re going to get your detractors and lovers and supporters.

“It’s part of the game.”

And while he was sent out in brutal fashion, he didn’t run his mouth.

“I want to thank the Australian public,” he said.

“You guys play a big role in supporting me and getting behind me – and whether you like me, you don’t like me, you were interested.

“I played footy in a big way and boxing but my time’s up and good luck to Jeffrey and hopefully he can go on and do good things and bounce back from the Crawford (loss).”