'Greatest Fan Grab Ever?' Dad Barehands A 415-Foot Foul Ball While Holding Drink

An isolated fan in Baltimore’s Camden Yards upper deck may now stand alone among foul-ball catchers. (Watch the video below.)

Tim Byer one-handed a drive that rocketed 108.5 miles an hour off the bat of the Cleveland GuardiansJosh Naylor, MLB reported.

The ball traveled an estimated 415 feet before Byer snagged it while holding a drink and a cell phone in the other hand.

He held up the ball and his belongings, then tipped his cap to applause.

“When you’re good, you’re good,” Byer said afterward in the clip below.

Maybe better than that. wondered whether it might be the “greatest fan grab ever?

Byer, of Pasadena, Maryland, said he was an outfielder on a state championship baseball team in the 1990s.

But on Monday he was taking in the game between the Guardians and home team Orioles while his wife and daughter were playing in the bounce house elsewhere in the stadium, reported.

They missed a heckuva catch.

Byer’s highlight reel play also seemed to happen without drama, which isn’t always the case.

The Orioles lost, 3-2. Maybe they could have used Byer in the lineup.