Golfer sinks 37m putt to win $120k

Hit and hope or the ultimate act of grace under pressure? Either way this golfer is $127,000 richer after sinking this 120-foot (37m) putt.

Amid the ever-present shouts of ‘GET IN THE HOLE’ this commercial pilot stepped up to the putting green and drained the monster putt on the Minnesota Golf Show, wining himself a US$75,000 boat and US$25,000 cash.

It was the first time anyone had sunk the putt in the show’s 28-year history.

What makes the feat even more impressive is the putt wasn’t even really a one-off.

Peter Shadle, 49, had qualified for the big money payout along with three others by sinking a 100-foot (30m) putt earlier in the three day show.