Goldson on win against Ayr, Cortes and Diomande impact & challenge on Syla

On the win against Ayr United:

“I think it was professional. These games obviously can be sticky if you're not at it. The gaffer made quite a lot of changes and I thought the boys who came in and the new boys in particular looked really sharp. We maybe had 10 minutes towards the end of the first half where we lost a little bit of control and then I thought after that we controlled the game and we just needed to score the second goal.”

On firsts starts from Oscar Cortes and Mohamed Diomande:

"I think they both showed quality. It was [Diomade's] first game since November so probably a little bit tired and a little bit rusty. Oscar’s obviously played a few more minutes and I think he showed today why he brought him to his football club for us, he was the best player on the pitch and we need them to get up to speed as quick as possible, but they're both showing good signs Dio in training, showing good signs. So we're happy.”

On synergy between support and team:

“It's credit to the manager when he came in. He noticed that wasn't there as much. Obviously, we've been through a bad spell and the synergy between the fans and the players wasn't great, but I think he's brought it back. I think he shows passion, he demands passion and energy off us and then that translates to our supporters. Our supporters only want to see us play on the front foot with energy. Attacking, winning duals, that's what this crowd demands. And I think at the moment they're seeing that so they're giving us back.”

On his challenge on Roy Syla:

“I didn't think I touched [him], he didn’t go down did he? I didn't think I touched him. I remember obviously it was my own heavy touch. It was a bad touch for me and I kind of tried to block his first touch. I don't know. I didn't think it was bad or malicious when I did it, but I haven't seen it back. I don't have a clue.”

Everything overanalysed?

“Yeah. And the thing when you slow everything down and see pictures, I think anything looks worse, but I actually haven't seen it. That's the first time it's been put up to me.”