Gogglebox stars point out flaw in new James Bond show

tom, julie and shaun malone sit on the sofa with their dogs in a gogglebox promo photo
Gogglebox stars point out flaw in James Bond showChannel 4

Gogglebox spoilers follow.

Tonight's (November 17) instalment of Gogglebox saw the cast point out a major flaw in Prime Video's new James Bond show.

During the premiere episode of adventure series 007: Road to a Million, the armchair critics watched as Succession's Brian Cox set contestants a range of Bond-inspired challenges – in a worldwide race to win £1 million.

The Gogglebox stars were quick to point out that Bond himself would never do a quiz show. "I'm not really getting James Bond from this," said Shaun Malone on the show's concept.

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"James Bond does his skiing, and skydiving and killing people. I've never seen him in the film just doing a pub quiz answering questions."

Alison Worthington likened the show to to her team building treasure hunt around York, while Sophie Sandiford said: "So basically, it's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Duke of Edinburgh."

Elsewhere, as the cast reacted to the latest episode of BBC's Survivor, Amira Rota confessed her "ick" when one of the show's contestants lost a tense strength challenge. "I don't like him anymore, I have the ick," she explained, before sister Amani said: "You're losing interest."

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"Yeah! Because, if you're not winning at Survivor, what are you winning at?" Amira hilariously replied.

The episode also saw the professional TV watchers react to the latest series of The Crown, Shoplifters: Caught Red Handed and the next cruise ship victim featured in The Good Ship Murder.

"I'd go on The Good Ship Murder," quipped Izzi Warner. "Even if it meant there were a chance of me being murdered, if I got a free holiday."

Gogglebox airs and streams on Friday nights at 9pm on Channel 4.

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