Glen Powell is a "tornado wrangler" in Twisters trailer

glen powell, twisters trailer
Glen Powell leads action-packed Twisters trailerWarner Bros.

The first trailer for Twisters has landed, seeing Top Gun: Maverick's Glen Powell star as a fearless "tornado wrangler".

Premiering in cinemas on July 19, the action-packed thriller stars Powell, Normal People's Daisy Edgar-Jones and In the Heights star Anthony Ramos as a group of storm chasers in the follow-up to the 1996 original.

The film follows the story of Edgar-Jones' character Kate Cooper, who is lured back into the world of storm-chasing after an encounter with self-proclaimed "tornado wrangler" Tyler Owens (Powell).

The trailer opens with Kate chasing a storm with a team of meteorologists when they suffer a devastating twister encounter which rips through their car convoy and leaves them desperately seeking shelter.

daisy edgarjones, anthony ramos, glen powell, twisters
Melinda Sue Gordon/Universal Pictures

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We then cut to Kate and her friend Javi (played by Ramos) watching an event led by the reckless and charming storm-chaser Tyler, who excitedly tells a crowd: "If you can feel it, chase it!" as they prepare for hurricane season in the Midwest.

Tyler can be seen leading several enthusiasts into the eye of a storm, before he teams up with Kate and Javi after offering her the chance to destroy a tornado with a bunch of groundbreaking equipment.

"You don't face your fears... you ride 'em," Tyler tells Kate, as they set prepare to set out on their storm-chasing adventure.

The competing groups are then seen travelling through an increasingly perilous tornado season, with their excitement soon turning to horror as the storm intensifies and leaves them fighting for lives.

glen powell, twisters trailer
Warner Bros.

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Kiernan Shipka, Daryl McCormack, Maura Tierney and Brandon Perea also feature in the film, which has been directed by Minari's Lee Isaac Chung.

The script was co-written by Chung and The Revenant's Mark L Smith, who previously revealed that Twisters would not be a direct sequel to Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton's 1996 classic.

"It's a separate story. It's not a continuation of the original. But it's just a real wild ride with some good, fun characters," he said in an interview with Collider, adding: "Hopefully, we can tap into what the original had because that thing is just iconic."

Twisters will premiere in cinemas on July 19, 2024.

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