Gilgo Beach Murder Suspect’s Smiling Wife Makes Shock Court Debut

Emma Seiwell/Getty
Emma Seiwell/Getty

Alleged Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann’s estranged wife made her first appearance in court on Wednesday to listen to the evidence presented in the alleged murders of at least three women. The New York Post reported that Asa Ellerup arrived at the courthouse in a Mercedes along with a Peacock documentary crew, and it appeared to take several court officers to hold reporters back. Despite filing for divorce from Heuermann on July 19, Ellerup reportedly smiled at him as he left the courtroom, and according to Heuermann’s attorney, she may have visited him at his jail. “She doesn’t believe he committed these acts or is capable of committing these acts,” Michael Brown said. The newspaper also reported that the court appearance came just one day after news emerged that Heuermann filed documents to make Ellerup the sole owner of their Long Island home. Heuermann’s next court appearance is scheduled for February 2024.

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