Ghosts’ Halloween Séance Delivers Flower Twist, Welcomes New Spirit

Ghosts fans who were hoping that this week’s Halloween-themed episode’s séance would bring the return of Flower from the great beyond didn’t quite get their wish. But what they did get might be even better.

Sam & Co.’s first attempt to summon the hippie is unsuccessful, much to Thor’s dismay and his concern for what it means for his loins. The group reasons that the séance didn’t work because the object they used to connect — a 50-year-old bag of weed that Flower’s brother sent — wasn’t actually on her person when she died. So they need to dig up the spot where Flower was killed in hopes of finding something that fell off her mangled body. Jay isn’t thrilled with the task he’s asked to complete, but after Sam conveys that Thor wants to tell Flower that he loves her, softie Jay relents.

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Ghosts Recap
Ghosts Recap

By some miracle, Jay finds a piece of jewelry belonging to Flower, and the gang attempts another séance… that also doesn’t take. As Thor bellows in frustration, elsewhere on the property, Flower’s voice is heard, calling out his name. She hasn’t been sucked off, after all! She fell down a well a month ago and can’t get out, she yells into the empty darkness. Alas, she’s too far away for anyone to hear her. But on the bright side, Flower isn’t really gone!

While our beloved ghosts didn’t get their friend back, they did get some new company in the episode: Pete’s adulterous ex-wife Carol (Caroline Aaron) shows up at Sam and Jay’s Halloween party with a box of donut holes (not to be confused with donuts, which she hates). While enjoying the sweet treat by herself in the kitchen, Carol starts to choke and dies. She has no idea that she’s dead, and neither does Sam, so they have a full-on conversation in front of Sasha (Dave’s Christine Ko) and Nico (Stranger Things’ John Reynolds), the cool city friends Sam and Jay are trying to impress.

Ghosts Recap
Ghosts Recap

Sasha and Nico think Sam has gone crazy, then find Carol’s body in the kitchen and assume that when Sam said Jay would take care of babbling Carol, he killed her. At that moment, Jay walks in with a shovel from his “gardening emergency.” Now, Sasha and Nico are convinced that Sam and Jay want to off them, too, because they saw the body, and Sam and Jay have no clue that their friends think they’re murderers. It’s quite amusing.

When Carol and Pete come face-to-face, and Sam realizes they can see each other, everyone erupts into screams, while Sasha and Nico make a hasty retreat from the party. The ghosts then fill Sam in on everything that’s been going on with Carol, Sasha and Nico.

So now Carol is also trapped at Woodstone, and she isn’t quite understanding the ghost rules. Why can they walk through walls, but don’t fall through furniture, she wonders. She even joins the others for that second séance, so it seems like Carol is sticking around on the spiritual plane… for now. Needless to say, Pete’s not happy.

Ghosts fans, what did you think of the Flower twist? And are you excited to have another ghost in the house?

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