ghd Duet Hot Air Styler review: "I tested out the heated hair tool – these are my thoughts"

ghd duet hot air styler review
Is ghd Duet Hot Air Styler worth the hype? Hearst Owned

As someone who spent most of their teenage years incinerating their hair within an inch of its life – and has spent the years since trying to turn back time to fix the immense damage I've caused – it takes a lot for me to pick up a heated hair tool.

But when ghd announced the launch of their new innovative device – the ghd Duet 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler – I'll admit I was intrigued. Not only did it promise to cut down your hair styling time by drying your hair at the same time as straightening it, but it promised to do so on wet hair (I repeat: wet hair) with no damage. Simply unheard of.

My hair-frying past was a prime case study of why this couldn't be done. Years of using straighteners to dry my hair – plus, the fact that I washed it every day *shivers* – had transformed my strands from silky and curly, to wavy and fried. After years of restraint and weaning myself off the heated hair tools, my locks had somewhat managed to recover. Was I about to risk my hair health once more in the name of beauty research? Absolutely.

How does the ghd Duet work?

ghd claims that their unique 'Air-fusion' tech (sounds science-y, right?) allows for ultra-concentrated airflow to effectively dry and straighten hair at a lower temperature. Thus, avoiding stripping the hair of its natural moisture and minimising damage.

As a great writer does, I went into this with zero research, with no user manual in sight. I know, I'm so good at my job. As such, I had no expectations. I turned on the slightly chunkier-than-average hair straightener-lookalike and was greeted by the sound of a small jet engine. Interesting.

Despite it now sounding like the set of Top Gun in my room, I hesitantly brought the plates to my towel-damp hair and clamped down. I was gritting my teeth expecting the sizzling noise of my past hair trauma days, but instead, no BBQ sounds occurred. Within one stroke, my test strand was bone-dry and silky smooth. It was wizardry, I tell you.

I tried thicker sections of hair and it handled them like a pro, leaving them completely dry in just one or two goes. As someone who can't really use a hairdryer, let alone use a hairbrush to try and smooth at the same time, I couldn't believe how glossy it left my hair, and how easy and quick the whole process was to do.

My whole head of hair took less than 30 mins to style – for a lazy girl with a lot of hair, that's pretty impressive. What's more, because the hair tool isn't as streamlined-looking as others in my arsenal, I was worried it would be heavy and make my arms ache like I'd done a weight session at the gym, but it's actually pretty light considering all the tech, weighing just 0.821 kg.

When I initially looked at the thicker plates, I was concerned I wouldn't be able to get right up to my roots, but even my tiniest of baby hairs' was no match for the ghd Duet. If you have textured hair, however, I think this would be a bit trickier to do sadly.

Afterwards, my hair looked much sleeker than if I'd used a hair dryer, and had a bit more volume than if I'd ironed flat my whole head of hair. The styler provides the perfect mix of volume and sleekness – almost reminiscent of the 90s signature fluffy blowout.

Not only that, but my hair appeared shinier, giving my coloured hair a new lease of life. I know at £379.99 it is pricey, but if it can spread out my colour appointments just a bit more, it might be cost-effective in the long run. Please note: I am horrendous at maths (sorry Rishi Sunak), but you get what I mean.

ghd duet hot air styler review
Before with my natural wavy hair vs. after using the ghd DuetHearst Owned

Due to my hair being just shy of soaking wet in the first place, the back of my head did still feel a bit damp at first, but the smooth strands seemed to stay put, even when I went out on a rare English sunny day.

Considering most hair straighteners range from between 190°C-210°C, and this device is set at 150°C (with the plates themselves coming in at 120°C), I was surprised to find I didn't have to re-style my hair at any point in between my next wash day. It really did live up to its frizz-free claims.

The best bit? My hair didn't smell like it had been set on fire (those loyal to their hair straighteners will know exactly what I'm talking about) and I could even smell faint notes of the shampoo I'd used. More proof that this really might not be detrimentally damaging to hair health.

Yes, you can't really create anything else but poker-straight strands (mermaid waves and tight curls are sadly out of the question) but it really does what it says on the tin. I'd never seen my hair this healthy-looking after using a hair tool.

As mentioned, I have zero skills when it comes to styling my hair. Just watching my hairdresser use a rounded brush to blow dry my hair is like a circus performance for me, so if you are more skilled, this might not be as game-changing for you as it is for me. But for those that aren't a pro and just want straight hair in a flash? I really can't fault this styler. Bravo, ghd.

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