People Are Sharing The Aspects Of Modern-Day Life That They Cannot Stand Anymore, And Some Of These Are Truly Intolerable

Sometimes, it feels like just yesterday we were watching cable — subscriptions didn't exist, and buying a home was actually a reasonable goal. But, alas, in the year 2023, I have four different streaming services and my millennial dream of owning a home will probably forever be a dream. Clearly, things have changed over the years, so when Reddit user u/No_No_ahMY asked the r/AskReddit community, "What's definitely getting out of hand?" people gave their hot takes on the common things they believe have gotten way out of control these days. Here's what they had to say:

1."Every place asking for a tip."

someone holding a tipping screen

2."Comment sections on social media. They used to be pretty fun to scroll through and engage with, but now it’s mostly full of insufferable people who get off on arguing with strangers online and picking fights over literally anything."


3."Already out of hand and has been for a while but keeps getting worse: advertisements everywhere."

someone pointing their remote at the TV

4."The political divide in the US is the worst I’ve seen it in my 43 years on this planet."


5."The level of brightness on new car lights."

car headlight

6."Phone music and TikTok out loud in public."


"I was in the car dealership service center for a repair. The woman next to me was watching YouTube shorts on full blast. Not music, not even a show or whole video. 60-second or less shorts. Which auto-repeat, by the way."


7."Grocery prices."

someone holding their receipt after grocery shopping

8."People falsely claiming their dog is a service animal so they can take it with them anywhere they want."


9."Jobs asking for five-plus years of experience being listed as entry-level."

someone reading over a resume during an interview

10."Rent increases and mortgage rates."


"My previous place raised the rent 15% every year for three years to 'match market rates.' We did not get 15% more amenities or service. It's sheer greed and lethargy."


11."People at the gym recording videos and thinking everyone should let them have their way since they are recording."

people working out in a gym

12."Short videos on every social media app. It destroys attention spans and critical thinking abilities, mainly for children who grow up with these apps watching endless short videos. They will have no motivation to do something else that costs more effort and it is truly concerning."


13."Monthly subscriptions — not just streaming services. Software, games, and even vehicle features."

someone gaming a PC

14."Literally everyone raising their prices for seriously everything. I have gotten so many 'We are raising our prices this year to growing inflation' and yet the items are smaller, you don't get the same as you did before, or the product is worse. They all say they need to raise the rates for something because they can't afford to keep running their business on the prices now, yet they show record profits."


15."The way people treat hospitality and retail staff. This week, I had a woman lose her shit at me when I had to tell her she couldn’t take food out of the restaurant. I’ve had people basically demand drinks and not even say please. I’ve had tables let their kids make a total mess of the table and floor and show no remorse because 'that’s what the staff is paid to do.'"

a barista looking annoyed while a customer speaks to her

16."Apps! Every business, website, service, you name it, has its own damn app now. Three-factor authorization also means that I have to download several apps on my personal phone just to be able to access sites required by my employer to do my job."


17."Amusement park prices, both admission and the prices inside the park. We went to one last month; tickets were $125 and parking was another $30. Funnel cake was $16, it was $10 per game, and literally $50 for four small frozen yogurts."

a family at an amusement park food stand

18."Airlines. Ticket prices rising, legroom shrinking, and cancellations and delays with no recourse are becoming an almost every-time-I-fly experience. It’s all becoming quite infuriating."


19."The US healthcare system. It just gets worse (greedier) year after year."

a doctor using a stethoscope on a patient

20."The pressure from social media to look absolutely perfect at all times, to the point where everyday people are having surgery to alter their looks."


21."Real estate prices. I'm finally earning a decent enough living to be able to own (and will be moving in next summer), but still can only afford condos or townhouses, and not even in my county. I have to go about 30 miles south where it's a bit more affordable. Single-family homes are all out. And for context, I net about $60K/year and live in New Jersey. Also, property taxes are insane here."

a key in a door

22."Remakes, reboots, and never-ending sagas. No, I don’t want another Fast & Furious movie. Just make something original. Original one-shot stories. Not everything needs to be a cinematic universe."


Is there anything that you think has gotten out of hand nowadays? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.