I Genuinely Feel Sorry For These 16 Adults Who Went Through Life Thinking They Were Normal Until Someone Was Like "Literally WTF Are You Doing?!?!?!?"

You've probably experienced that moment when you share a childhood memory that you think is perfectly normal and a friend or spouse is like, "Uhhh...that's wild."

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Recently, we rounded up some funny and baffling stories from the BuzzFeed community. The response in the comments was overwhelming (and hilarious). Here are some of the best replies:

1."My 29-year-old boyfriend JUST learned that the expression is 'living vicariously,' not 'living bi-curiously.'"

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2."I knew a guy who referred to U-turns with a little whistle through his teeth (it sounded like 'wee woo'). Like 'you gotta go past the street and do the little (whistle).' I thought it was hilarious, but I've seen it mystify and enrage other people."


3."My family always used the expression 'back ‘er up, Bob' when someone needed to retrace their steps. I found out that it is NOT, in fact, a well known saying when a bunch of new friends in college looked at me like I grew another head."

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4."I always thought it was normal to swallow your toothpaste because my mum did. I can’t believe I did something so gross for so long."


5."When I was a kid I drank milk and Coke together a lot because of Laverne and Shirley. My friends STILL talk about how weird it is."

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6."My brother and I used to play a game we made up called 'bus stop.' I thought it was a totally normal and fun thing until I was much older, and my friend pointed out that this 'game' was literally just the two of us wandering around aimlessly while eating popsicles."


7."My family always called dry cat food 'rocks.' (As in, 'does that cat have enough rocks?') I mistakenly said that to the vet one day, and she was horrified."

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8."Since I was a teen, my family has used the word 'chicken' for everything from a swear replacer ('what the chicken!') to filling in for anything ('hand me that chicken, please' or 'go pick up your chicken'). I have sometimes used it around friends and the explanation is never sufficient enough for them."


"My ex's family did this too, but with the name 'Sharon.' I was told that it was mostly to replace 'sh!t,' but they used it for everything."


9."I thought fingers were called 'thingers' until my 2nd grade teacher laughed at me."

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10."I say the words 'nipple-ish' or 'nipply' to mean chilly or cold. The first time my in-laws heard me say it, they both laughed so hard they got into coughing fits. They still bring it up all the time."


11."My aunt and uncle left our country a long time ago, and their daughter was born abroad. When my aunt and uncle were, ahem, backed up and finally managed to take a dump, they would say (in our language) that they 'had a success.' For a long time, their poor kid thought the word 'success' was used to describe poop exclusively, and she was shocked when she saw a magazine cover that said 'Celine Dion's Big Success.'"

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12."In my family, poops were called 'toozies,' the TV remote was called the 'Fat Controller,' and going out for dinner in a nice restaurant was called 'going out for a Counter Meal.'"


13."Growing up, my mom always called hair ties 'deely-bobbers.' It wasn't until early high school when I realized that wasn't what everyone called them."


14."My mom always called sweatpants and pajama pants 'warmies.' We also had a papasan chair and called it the 'bacuzzi chair.' Definitely didn’t realize that no one else says these things until like my mid-twenties."

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15."My family called deodorant 'dort' when I was growing up because one of my brothers pronounced it like that by accident when he was younger."


16."I told my 4-year-old not to touch the inside of the toilet once 'because there are poo particles.' A few days later, she asked her dad what he was reading, and he said, 'an article.' She responded, 'a POOP article?' That is obviously what we now call bad news stories now."

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Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

What's a "normal" thing from your childhood that you found out was super weird as an adult? Drop it in the comments below! 🤔👇