The Genius Hack To Effortlessly Open The Seal On A Coffee Creamer Bottle

Bottles of Dunkin' coffee creamer
Bottles of Dunkin' coffee creamer - The Image Party/Shutterstock

Opening a bottle of coffee creamer is pretty straightforward. Pop off the lid, remove the protective seal, and abracadabra, you and your coffee are in business; however, sometimes these things are easier said than done. That little aluminum seal can do a real number on your fingers after fumbling with a tab so small it may not even meet the definition of the word. In fact, it can be so stubborn and difficult peel back, you may wonder if drinking your coffee black is the way to go. But don't despair. There's a genius hack floating around on TikTok to effortlessly open your bottle of coffee creamer.

It's a little mind blowing how simple this technique is. All you need to do is unscrew the lid and flip it open. You will see a small raised square tab. Smash that tab straight down on the foil seal, replace the lid, and pour. It's so easy, it may have you sharing with your friends how old you were when you learned this trick.

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Better For The Environment

Coffee creamer in a cup of coffee
Coffee creamer in a cup of coffee - Michelle Lee Photography/Getty Images

If this coffee creamer trick is giving you, "I was today years old when...," we are with you. Any hack that doesn't take more than a couple of seconds to accomplish and allows its user to cleanly pour the creamer with not drips or spills is worth the knowledge. But why does your coffee creamer need one of these seals in the first place?

These type of sealants are called induction seals and are actually designed to keep products fresh longer, limit the possibility of contamination, and to reduce any spilling. What this means for you as a consumer is your favorite coffee creamer has a longer shelf life which in turn can help reduce food waste. These seals are also a little more environmentally friendly. According to British induction seal maker Enercon Industries, these seals mean you don't need a tear band -- that extra piece of plastic with a loop that you pull to open a bottle of OJ. This seal allows for a slimmed down bottle meaning less plastic is required to create the container.

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