GB's Ingham shines before Olympics with Luhmuhlen win

Britain's reigning world champion Yasmin Ingham won the four-star German Championship event on Banzai Du Loir at the Luhmuhlen Horse Trials.

Ingham competed in the German Championship in a bid to impress selectors before the Great Britain Olympics team is announced at the end of June.

"It was a very important weekend for me and there was a lot of pressure involved," she said.

"Of course, all of us have the goal of being selected for the Olympics for our country so I wanted to make sure I was doing everything possible."

Tokyo silver medallist Tom McEwen and his Olympic long-listed horse JL Dublin finished second to make it a British one-two on the podium.

Olympic gold medallist and three-time five-star winner Laura Collett, riding London 52, were in second place overnight but withdrew before showjumping on Sunday.

Elsewhere, former world and European champion Ros Canter was set to win the main class five-star event but hit a fence and dropped out of medalling positions to fourth.

Four Britons finished in the top five of that event.