'Garnacho goal is better than Rooney's'

Alejandro Garnacho of Manchester United scores spectacularly against Everton
[Getty Images]

West Ham United striker Michail Antonio and Fulham captain Tom Cairney have both chosen Alejandro Garnacho's stunning acrobatic strike against Everton as their goal of the season and agree it surpasses Wayne Rooney's iconic Manchester derby bicycle-kick.

During the 3-0 win at Goodison Park in November, Garnacho spectacularly adjusted to Diogo Dalot's deep cross to throw himself into the air and make perfect contact to send the ball past Jordan Pickford.

It drew immediate comparison with Rooney's goal in 2011 which has gone down as one of the best in Premier League history.

"There's only one answer - Garnacho," Antonio told the Footballer's Football podcast. "Nobody else can talk to him.

"The craziest thing is that three weeks later I had the opportunity against Spurs to overhead kick - I tried to take it down! There's no way I can get my leg up that high - I'm tearing my hamstrings and everything.

"I think Garnacho's is better because Rooney's is slightly closer, middle of the goal, while Garnachos' is further out. It's ridiculous."

Cairney added: "It's not even close. He's facing the dugout and he's jumped higher than I've ever jumped easy. Half-scissor - bang [and] Pickford nowhere.

"Garnacho's is outrageous. He's jumping backwards. He jumps away from it and he's higher as well [than Rooney's goal].

"I think because it's Manchester United v Manchester City as well Rooney's is so special."

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