Jason Akermanis

In 2010, Western Bulldogs forward Jason Akermanis embrolied himself and the AFL in controversy after writing a opinion piece on homosexuality within the AFL. Akermanis's comments attracted worldwide attention after he said that 'homoerotic activites are normal inside a club' and that gay players should not be open about their sexuality.

Photo by Getty Images Aug 1, 2013

The AFL's biggest scandals

Check out some of the buggest scandals to have hit the Australian Football League.

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  1. victor10:01am Tuesday 12th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    AFL has had it's head in the sand, suburban football and it's players, for years have been involved in playing whilst taking hard drugs including supplying/selling. Supplements now the rage, lot of bulked up teens playing suburban footy today. As for betting on the footy/sport, WE WERE WARNED WHAT WOULD/COULD HAPPEN if introduced. Am I surprised by the recent revelations? No not at all.

  2. Alan09:05pm Thursday 07th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    How naive are we as a country if we believe that we are sqeaky clean. There has been players in the recent years who have been associated with the under world element so where there is smoke there is fire. Go through the lot of them and source the supplier(s) and throw the book at them. Yes the athletes are fitter than years ago but all on their own? Hope this is the shake up that is needed and eradicates the gutter tribe pushers for ever.