Brooke Gidley

Kurt Gidley and wife Brooke Gidley pose on the red carpet before the 2011 Dally M Awards.

Photo by Getty Images May 23, 2012

WAGS of the Origin stars

Take a look at some of the gorgeous partners of this year's State of Origin players.

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  1. Charles07:18am Saturday 02nd June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    What ever comment above....the player really deserve decent wives.The really enjoy themselves.At least some models and acetress can fall on their knees.Go the mighty NRL players.

  2. Farcough12:58pm Thursday 24th May 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I wonder if Tessa James ever has to "clean up" after Nate Myles? There's no way any of these blokes would score these women if they weren't football players! Have a look at them!

  3. Sunnyvale Lahey10:57am Thursday 24th May 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Some of them look like they have taken more balls in the face then Adam Gilchrist

  4. Expat04:23am Thursday 24th May 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    lol, he should do a movie with javier bardem

  5. 10:59pm Wednesday 23rd May 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Most of these women look like dolled-up tarts. A League "star" is a contradiction in terms. Hilariously poor sport. K1W1...