'The new gaffer has lit the place up' - Clarkson

Aberdeen midfielder Leighton Clarkson says that new manager Jimmy Thelin has brought a positivity to the squad as they continue their pre-season preparation.

Clarkson, speaking to club media, also spoke about a few of the new signings that have joined the club this summer.

"I'd say Gavin's [Molloy] a lot more chilled, a lot more relaxed. Think he's the most relaxed Irishman I think I've ever met in my life but yeah, speaking to him he is a really good guy," he said.

"And then you go to Dimmy [Dimitar Mitov] who can't shut up really. He’s buzzing about the place, he wakes up every morning and he’s the first one you hear going onto the training pitch.

"So yeah, two different personalities two really good personalities I think to join the lads and I spoke to Peter [Ambrose] a little bit. Obviously I'll speak to him when we get back to Aberdeen but yeah, he seems a really funny guy as well.

On looking ahead to the competitive season starting with the League Cup group stage, he said: "Yeah, I'm really excited.

"I think it's it's one where us as players and as a club we need to go into it with real positivity.

"I know, obviously, last season wasn't like that but with the gaffer coming in with his staff, I feel that the place has just been lit up again.

"We feel it as players and, you know, we're gonna go on the pitch and work as hard as we can and try and get as many three points as possible.