Gaff played golf with Brayshaw days before punch

Justin Chadwick
Gaff played golf with Brayshaw days before punch

West Coast midfielder Andrew Gaff played golf with Andrew Brayshaw just days before he broke the young Docker's jaw.

Gaff is facing a long AFL ban after breaking Brayshaw's jaw and displacing three teeth with an unprovoked punch during Sunday's fiery western derby.

But in somewhat of a surprising twist, it has been revealed that Gaff and Brayshaw played a round of golf together last week, along with Hamish Brayshaw.

Andrew Gaff played golf with the Brayshaws just days before the off-the-ball punch. Pic: Getty | Instagram (@andy.brayshaw)

Hamish Brayshaw is a teammate of Gaff at West Coast, and is the older brother of Andrew Brayshaw.

"Five days ago the brothers and Andrew Gaff were on the golf course together," Eagles chief executive Trevor Nisbett said.

"It's an extraordinary situation that we all find ourselves in at the moment.

"I think it's a genuine friendship (that Gaff and Andrew Brayshaw have). The kids come through the system all the time, and it wouldn't surprise you with Hamish at our club that there is a reasonable relationship there."

Gaff was distraught after unleashing the punch, saying it made him feel sick knowing what he had done.

Nisbett called Brayshaw's father - AFL Coaches Association president Mark Brayshaw - on Sunday night to pass on Gaff's apology.

"It wasn't an easy conversation. Adam (Simpson) has also spoken to Mark," Nisbett said.

"We're very grateful that Andrew Brayshaw is in reasonable shape considering what happened, and his parents are accepting of Andrew Gaff's apology."