Funny mom shares what vacation is ‘really’ like for parents

This TikTok parent shared a hilariously accurate video showing what vacation is “really” like for moms! Spoiler alert: They’re a lot of work!

Brenda Buss (@brendaalixbuss) is a parent and TikToker who shares humorous videos about her life as a parent. In a recent video, Brenda shared how much work moms have to do on vacation. The hilarious video shows Brenda jumping into a lake while showcasing all of the chores she is expected to do as a mom on vacation!

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The video begins with a shot of Brenda standing on a dock wearing a grey bikini. It is an idyllic sunny day, perfect for a relaxing vacation. An Adirondack chair sits behind Brenda on the dock, draped in a towel, and further in the distance, a vacation house can be seen through the trees. In one corner of the frame, a boat can be seen tied to a nearby dock.

Brenda, meanwhile, is incongruously holding a broom in her hands. “What a mom’s ‘vacation’ actually looks like,” Brenda writes in a caption.

Then, the mom begins running towards the end of the dock, sweeping as she goes. She jumps off the dock, still holding the broom, a look of exhaustion on her face. A caption appears on the screen that reads, “Cleaning.”

Next, Brenda runs across the dock holding a metal mixing bowl in one hand and a whisk in the other. She whisks as she runs, and again, jumps off the dock. “Cooking,” a caption reads.

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In the next shot, Brenda is joined by her teenaged daughter. The mom holds a container of sunscreen, and chases her daughter down the dock, trying to spray her with the sunscreen. As her daughter jumps off the dock, a caption appears that reads, “Forcing kids to wear sunscreen.”

Next, Brenda jumps into the water holding some bedding in her hands. A laundry basket floats in the water near her. “Endless laundry,” a caption reads.

Finally, Brenda runs off the dock holding a bottle of wine and a glass. She begins to pour the wine into the glass as she jumps, writing, “Vacation medication!”

Viewers found Brenda’s video hilariously relatable.

“This was so accurate,” one viewer wrote.

“Vacation for moms is not a vacation. It’s the same routine with a better view,” another TikToker commented.

“It’s not a vacation, it’s a work trip,” joked another viewer.

Brenda’s video just goes to show, a parent’s work is never done!

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