Friendly dog interrupts Europa League flare show

This morning's Europa League match between Macedonia's FK Vardar and Swedish club Rosenborg was never going to matter too much.

Both clubs were eliminated from contention for the knockout stage, and Vardar couldn't jump Rosenborg into third.

Vardar's 'Komiti Skopje' -- the club's hardcore group of fans -- did their best to lighten the mood of the 1-1 draw with a flare show, which unfortunately included throwing some lit flares at security.

But the best moment, with all due respect to the visual spectacle of the flares, came during a break in play with just over 15 minutes remaining in the game.

Vardar were lining up a free kick on the right wing when goalkeeper Filip Gacevski, standing near halfway, made a new best friend.

Pic: Getty
Pic: Getty
Pic: Getty

Yep, a dog had made its way onto the pitch to sniff the grass in the centre circle.

As Gacevski walked towards it and wondered how to proceed, the dog decided it wanted belly rub.

Unfortunately the keeper wasn't so keen as he tried to pick it up.

The exchange made for some bizarre yet awesome photos, and the footage of the dog toying with security was a fun break from what was a less-than-important fixture.