Fresh concern as Ben Cousins leaves West Coast job unexpectedly

There are new concerns for troubled former AFL star Ben Cousins, who hasn’t been seen at his new job at the West Coast Eagles for the last month.

The Eagles offered Cousins a part-time gig with the club’s Community and Game Development department in January after he was released from prison about two months shy of his one-year sentence for stalking his ex-partner.

Amid reports on Tuesday that Cousins had gone AWOL, West Coast CEO Trevor Nisbett confirmed that he had shown up for work for the first three months, but then left unexpectedly.

Part of Cousins’ parole stipulated that he had to work until April, meaning he hasn’t breached any conditions.

However Cousins’ sudden departure from the Eagles has reportedly raised concerns among his friends.

The 39-year-old drug addict must follow other strict parole conditions, including undergoing random urine tests, and attending programs and counselling.

Cousins outside court in 2012. Image: Getty

The former Eagles captain was sentenced last March for causing “ongoing terror” by repeatedly breaching a violence restraining order taken out by Maylea Tinecheff, with whom he has two young children.

The Eagles previously stated they thought the job would help Cousins get back on his feet.

“We believe (it) will have mutual benefits for both parties,” the club said.

“This has been a particularly hard time for Ben and his family and we look forward to him beginning the next phase of his life.”

The violence restraining order breaches for which he was jailed stemmed from Cousins visiting his children’s school and church and calling Ms Tinecheff.

The Brownlow medallist called her more than 2000 times between October 2016 and February 2017.

In one month, he contacted her 542 times, including 103 times in one day.

When Cousins was arrested, police found eight grams of methamphetamine, which his lawyer Michael Tudori told the court at the time would only last four days.

Mr Tudori also said Cousins had “hit rock bottom” with his addiction.

Cousins was fined $2400 for drug possession and driving without a licence.

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