French press officer fumes over sneaky Griezmann tactic

A mischievous scheme from a Spanish journalist desperate to know where Antoine Griezmann will be playing next season has left French officials fuming at the World Cup in Russia.

The superstar France striker’s club future has been one of the biggest talking points leading into the showpiece event in Russia.

So much so that media were told at Griezmann’s latest press conference that they would only accept questions in French, hoping it would keep the focus on the team’s preparations for the World Cup and not his club future.

Griezmann’s future has been the subject of intense speculation. Pic: Getty

Speculation has been intense in the Spanish media that the Atletico Madrid star will make a big money move to Barcelona, with Lionel Messi even expressing his approval a few days ago.

Griezmann has indicated he will clarify his position before the tournament in Russia kicks off, which has only fuelled the media’s need for answers.

Jumping on his opportunity to show up the French press team, a journalist from Spain – with the help of Google translate – came up with a brilliant plan to get around the fact he didn’t speak French.

After recording the question on his phone, the Spanish journalist held the device up to a microphone and hit play, as the French translation came beaming out of the PA system.

The stunt didn’t go down well France’s press team, who quickly shut the journalist and his clever scheme down before issuing an angry reminder that they were there to speak about the World Cup.

You can’t blame the Spanish media for trying though.

For what it was worth, Griezmann – who was chuckling during the whole charade – seemed to find it pretty amusing.