Aussie jockey hospitalised after freak accident

A top West Australian jockey was left fighting for her life after a freak accident saw her rushed to hospital.

Natasha Faithfull was left in a critical condition on Saturday night after a scary incident in Albany that morning.

“Apparently she was just coming back from the beach and she fell with the horse over a sandbank,” Racing and Wagering WA official Ron Fleming said.

“The horse rolled on her and then jumped on her trying to get back up which is never good. It’s very unfortunate.”

Ms Faithfull’s mother confirmed on social media that the 25-year-old’s horse rolled down an embankment after getting spooked.

The horrific accident left her with a number of serious injuries, including a lacerated liver, multiple fractures and collapsed lungs.

She was placed in intensive care after being flown from Albany to Royal Perth Hospital by the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

The jockey was left in a critical condition after the accident. Pic: Facebook

On Sunday, the Australian Jockeys’ Association confirmed her condition had improved.

“She’s extremely lucky to be able to be awake and breathing on her own so soon after a fall like that, we are very thankful she’s okay,”  AJA official Kevin Ring said.

“There has been speculation that she was in a coma and fighting for her life but I can confirm she is okay and the doctors are happy with her condition this morning.

“At this stage she doesn’t require an operation, which is fantastic news, she’s really dodged a bullet and will hopefully continue to recover well.”

The incident happened the morning after the jockey rode two winners in Albany on Friday night.

Faithfull was lucky to escape serious injury when she was thrown off her horse and broke an ankle during a race in 2017.