Found Season 1 Finale Recap: Gabi’s Sir Secret Finally Catches Up to Her

Mosely and Associates is in shambles, and it has everything to do with Sir.

In Found’s Season 1 finale on Tuesday, Gabi — who’d been kidnapped in last week’s episode — returned home to find that Sir had escaped from her basement. Since no one informed Sir that she’d been found, he’d broken free to get her back himself.

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This pretty much confirms what we suspected all along: Sir could have escaped at any point and chose not to. He said as much in Episode 5 when he refrained from using a broken wood shard against Gabi, handing it over to her instead. Plus, he’d made it clear to her that he enjoyed being locked away in her basement because it meant she needed him.

With Sir on the loose, Gabi sent Dahn to hunt him down (again) while she focused on the next case. Remember Dashika, the girl she revealed in Episode 1 had been missing for two weeks? Her case got its first break in three months when the young teen was recently spotted at a train station, meaning there was still time to save her.

M&A’s investigation into Dashika’s abduction uncovered an alarming report that she had been abused prior to her disappearance. And after speaking Dashika’s grandmother Lily, all signs pointed to Dashika’s father Kareem as the culprit.

When the team hit a dead end, Zeke opened up about being kidnapped by his uncle, and his emotional confession helped Gabi figure out who had taken Dashika.

It turned out that Lily was behind the abduction, believing that she was rescuing her granddaughter. What she didn’t know was that Kareem was innocent. His partner April left those burn marks on Dashika’s arm as discipline for talking back, refusing to call it abuse. April was promptly arrested, and Dashika was eventually reunited with her father.

As the dust settled, Dahn relayed to Gabi that Sir left the country for Amsterdam. “You’re free, Gabi. For now,” he told her.

However, their relief was short-lived. Gabi realized that Sir left the tip about Dashika’s whereabouts on his way out and had wiped the footage from the train station during their inquiry. Gabi knew he was never going to let her go, which meant no more secrets.

Gabi called a meeting in the M&A office, where she came clean about keeping Sir chained up in her basement. As expected, they were devastated by the betrayal. Lacey, who took it the hardest, walked out and left a heartbroken Gabi, who then collapsed on the floor and cried.

Found Season 1 finale
Found Season 1 finale

But that was just the beginning of the chaos. Lacey received a call from the vet confirming that her dog Cruiser had been poisoned. And the rat poison that Gabi kept under her kitchen sink? It’s missing.

A flashback set just before Gabi’s kidnapping revealed that her classmate Cal — who’d been teasing her — mysteriously got food poisoning. Sir called it karma, and we’re pretty sure Cal’s sudden illness wasn’t a coincidence. Especially after Sir whispered to himself, “I’ll always be there for you, Gabi.”

And just in case you weren’t already convinced he was a creep, the next shot of Sir hidden behind a door in Lacey’s home, grinning as he watched her reject Gabi’s call should do it.

Is Sir about to make good on his promise to kill Lacey? And with M&A no longer on the same page, what does that mean for their future? The good news is that the show will be back for Season 2 to answer these questions and more.

What did you think of Found’s Season 1 finale? Grade the episode below, and then share your thoughts and theories in the comments.

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