We found the best chocolate chip cookie in NYC after the ultimate bakery showdown

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We compared five of New York City’s beloved bakeries to find the best chocolate cookie in the Big Apple.

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Any cookie connoisseur will want to know where it’s best to invest their hard-earned cash. In The Know’s Gina DeLise stopped by City Cakes, Gooey on the Inside, Chip City, Schmackary’s and Levain Bakery to narrow down which trendy shop is baking the best cookie in the biz.

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Now she’s ready to judge each treat by her own grading criteria: cost, size and taste. Gina does, however, have a bit of a caveat.

“Am I doing this video just to get paid to eat cookies?” Gina jokes. “Possibly. Will people disagree with my opinion? Absolutely. Let’s go!”


Location: 362 W. 45th St.

Cost per cookie (pre-tax): $3.75

“First up is Schmackary’s,” she says. “This bakery has over 75 unique flavors that are always rotating. It has been located in the heart of the Theater District since 2012 and is a favorite among Broadway fans and creatives.”

Schmackary’s had the smallest and least expensive cookie of the bunch.

“This is great. It’s definitely on the crunchier side. It’s flatter,” Gina says. “There’s some salt in there that combats the sweetness that’s really nice.”

City Cakes

Location: 155 W. 18th St.

Cost per cookie (pre-tax): $6

“Open since 2007, this Chelsea-based bakery is well-known not only for their stunning cake artistry but also for other baked goods, including their signature half-pound cookies,” Gina explains.

Sure, it’s a $6 cookie — making it one of the most expensive here — but it’s literally a half pound of deliciousness.

“It’s crunchier on the outside and soft on the inside, which I really like,” she says. “The flavor is great. But it does remind me more of a cookie cake than a traditional chocolate chip cookie.”

Chip City

Location: 298 Bleecker St.

Cost per cookie (pre-tax): $4.50

“Next up is Chip City. This bakery opened in 2017 in Astoria, Queens, and they now have 12 locations,” Gina says. “Their chocolate chip cookie is a staple, and the rest of the menu changes daily.”

The size of the cookie was similar to Levain’s and Gooey on the Inside. But a whole lot sweeter.

“My first thought was this is by far the sweetest cookie I’ve tasted today,” she says. “It’s good, but I’m not sure how much more I can eat of it, and I am someone who loves sweets.”


Location: 340 Lafayette St.

Cost per cookie (pre-tax): $5

“Levain started in 1995 on the Upper West Side and has since expanded to have eight locations, an online store and recently debuted frozen products in grocery stores,” she explains.

Like the City Cake cookie, it’s also crunchier on the outside and softer on the inside.

“It also has the most chocolate-to-dough ratio that I’ve seen so far, and I’m a chocolate lover, so I’m a fan,” Gina says.

Gooey on the Inside

Location: 163 Chrystie St

Cost per cookie (pre-tax): $6

“Our fifth and final stop is at Gooey on the Inside,” Gina says. “It is located on the Lower East Side, and they specialize in cookies that are just as their name suggests.”

Much like City Cakes, this is one pricey cookie. It’s also not your average chocolate chip cookie, either.

“A very sweet cookie. It’s more of caramel sweetness with different types of chocolate chips inside,” she says.

After a taxing session of eating lots of chocolate chip cookies, Gina determined her final ranking. Of course, there’s only one winner.

Final Ranking

5. Schmackary’s

4. Chip City

3. Gooey on the Inside

2. City Cakes

1. Levain Bakery

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