Former Gor Mahia and Kenya coach battling cancer
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Former Gor Mahia, Stars coach battling Cancer

Former Gor Mahia, Stars coach battling Cancer

Former Harambee Stars and Gor Mahia coach Bob Williamson has been diagnosed with cancer cells.

Williamson, who led Gor Mahia to their first league title in 18 years in 2013, was diagnosed with cancerous cells in his nasal cavity mid this year.

“In the summer I’d been bothered by what felt like a blockage at the back of my throat. It was causing me problems breathing, so I was keen to get it out. But the tests they did showed it was cancerous.,” Williamson told The Sun.

 “Michelle told me that in Kenya people, who need lengthy hospital treatment go to India, so we made some inquiries and I came over to Delhi.”

The cancer cells left the former Ugandan Cranes coach in a bad state of health, having had to battle chronic mouth ulcers and weight lose as a result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy he underwent last month in India.

After a half-season with Gor Mahia, the Scott had a two-year spell with the national team, Harambee Stars between August 2014 and February 2016 having been replaced by Stanley Okumbi.

Williamson, who currently lives in Kenya with his wife Michelle Williamson, may be discharged from hospital on Christmas Eve.