Former basketball star ejected during epic on-court meltdown

A former college basketball star from America has brought a new level of anger at being ejected after one of the craziest on-court tantrums in recent memory.

Terrell Stoglin was one of the hottest prospects in his younger days, wowing the American college scene after averaging 21.6 points per game for Maryland in the 2011-12 season.

He led the scoring in his junior season before departing for a stint in the NBA’s summer league, however things didn’t go entirely to plan.

Various unsuccessful stints saw Stoglin bounce from teams in The States, before his career took him to Lebanon, Turkey, Ukraine, France and Greece – among other places.

However, it’s the 6-foot-1 guard’s time in the Venezuelan league that’s creating headlines – for all the wrong reasons.

Stoglin was booted from game 7 after one of the all-time meltdowns. Pic: DirecTV Sports)

Stoglin helped his side to game seven of the finals series in the country’s top professional league, before his epic meltdown ended his match prematurely.

The American was so incensed by a call from the referee that he took the basketball out of the official’s hand and punted it deep into the stands.

Incredibly, Stoglin’s tantrum was far from finished as he proceeded to rip off his jersey and throw it at the ref, before giving the crowd an angry one finger salute as he marched back to the sheds.

Talk about going out with a bang!