'Forest should be looking to move through the division'

Shut Up and Show More Football podcast image
Shut Up and Show More Football podcast image

Former Nottingham Forest striker Stan Collymore has been discussing whether Steve Cooper's team should be taking inspiration from Aston Villa's progression in the top flight on the Shut Up And Show More Football podcast: "Whether it be Forest or Villa, you would hope that by settling into the Premier League for two or three seasons, they could then go to the next level and qualify for Europe as of right.

"Both have won the European Cup, both have played in the old Uefa Cup - and the Europa League in Villa's case - so there's no reason why they can't do it again.

"The expectation of the club, with the two gold stars above their crest, is where the supporters will drive this club on. They expect things that clubs like Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Sheffield United and Burnley don't have. I think that it's a very healthy thing to have people saying: 'We've been in the top flight now for three or four years, why aren't we doing what Brighton are doing?'

"It is very difficult. It is the Premier League - the world's most difficult league, the world's richest league. There are riches there that Nottingham Forest can latch on to that clubs in the Bundesliga and Serie A cannot.

"I think two or three seasons is staying in the league, but then after that you are looking to move through the division, as the likes of West Ham and Brighton have done.

"So it's still very early days if you look at Forest's progression, but there is no reason why, in season three or four, this amazing support that Forest have can't expect to push on and be at least competing for top eight, nine or 10 in the Premier League."

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