Footballer cops brutal dose of karma after taunting rival fans

An English footballer has received a brutal punishment for taunting rivals fans during an EFL cup match against Aston Villa.

Diallang Jaiyesimi, a winger for Yeovil Town, busted out an inflammatory, Fortnite inspire, ‘Loser’ dance in front of at least 2,000 Villa fans, after seemingly scoring in the Carabao Cup.

However his celebrations soon took an embarrassing turn, as he turned around to see the linesman’s flag raised to signify offside.

He was the last man in the stadium to realise he hadn’t actually scored a goal, unsurprisingly the travelling Aston Villa fans let him know about it.

Yeovil Town’s Diallang Jaiyesimi whips out a ‘Take the L’ dance. Pic: Soccer AM

Absolutely brutal for the 20-year-old speedster, who thought he’d jagged a crucial goal against one of the game’s biggest clubs.

Salt was added to his wounds as his side eventually went down one-nil in the match.

Matters would only get worse for Jaiyesimi later on when he checked his phone to realise his antics had sent Twitter into a meltdown.