Do it yourself weight loss way to go

Karen Gatt, who was behind the book The Clothesline Diet, has just released her third book Why Can't I Lose Weight in which she launches a broadside at the big players in the weight loss business such as Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Lite 'n Easy and Xenical.

Gatt claimed that expensive programs which promised people they would lose a certain amount of weight in a certain time, offered little once people stopped paying for them.

"I believe that they're not realistic, sooner or later you will go back to your old habits because if you're getting food delivered to you, realistically, how long is that going to last?" Karen said.

"Everyday people that are at a low income, can't afford constantly food getting delivered at their doorstep."

"Especially people raising their families and husbands working, its like more of a fairytale food being delivered to your door, but one day that fairytale is going to stop."

Three women who feature in Karen's new book said they agreed with her assessment that many of the most popular weight-loss programs only worked in the short-term.

Kerry Camilleri, who lost 35 kilograms on the Clothesline Diet, said she saw other weight loss programs as temporary diets.

"And as such when you're on a diet, you go off a diet," Kerry said.

"So by changing everything, my whole outlook of life, my eating habits and my exercise habits I've been able to maintain the weight and lose quite a bit."

Twenty-seven-year-old Kerry said Karen's was the only program to look after the three key areas of diet, motivation and exercise required for weight loss.

"I've tried hundreds of diets but never done any good because you lose a few pounds and then put on a few more," Kerry said.

Retiree Margaret Evans, who also shed 30 kilograms, said Gatt's program was "about having a normal life".

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"It's not about being on a diet for the rest of your life," Margaret said.

"Its re-educating yourself to eat properly, the proper food at the proper time."

Marianne Schembri, who lost 30 kilograms, said the Clothesline Diet was about having a lifestyle that you could enjoy and maintain.

The 42-year-old mother of three said Gatt may even have saved her life.

"I really think that if I didn't lose my weight I'd either be dead right now through a health problem or what would have happened was I would have been 120, 130 kilos by now," Marianne said.

Gatt said the beauty about losing weight yourself is that you appreciate it.

"You're not relying on taking a tablet, or getting food delivered or counting points ... you did it on your own," she said.

Karen's new book featured a compilation of questions from Australians desperate to shed weight as well as her solutions to their problems.

Karen said she would also answer every question on weight loss and lifestyle from Today Tonight viewers.

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Karen Gatt's book, Why Can't I Lose Weight, is available at all good bookstores.

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