New data reveals Australia's World Cup squad is worth less than one Spanish player

Yahoo7 Sport June 5, 2014, 9:59 am

If you needed a reminder of how tough the World Cup in Brazil will be for the Socceroos, consider this.

The total market value of Australia's 23-man squad is less than that of Spain's highest-paid player.

That's right – our 23 players is worth less than just one player from our Group B rivals and the reigning world champions.

New data has revealed the market value of every player at the World Cup, based on salaries, stats, age and recent performances.

And according to the numbers, Spain's star midfielder Andres Iniesta is worth $74,816,500, while Australia's entire squad is worth just $61,119,810.

The total market value for the of the Spanish squad is an amazing $673,567,074 – 11 times more than the Socceroos.

And the scariest bit is Spain aren't even the most valuable team at the World Cup. They are ranked second behind Brazil, whose squad is valued at $718,299,900.

So that's the bad news. The good news is the Socceroos are not the least valuable team at the World Cup. Not by a long shot.

That dishonor goes to Central American nation Honduras, whose total squad value is $45,053,928.

Australia are also more valuable Costa Rica ($51,751,080) and Iran ($54,269,392) to be the 29th most valuable team in Brazil this year.

Argentina superstar Lionel Messi is once again ranked the most marketable player on the world, valued at $163,332,000.

And what is our most valuable player worth? A relatively measly $3,402,250, a figure shared by goalkeeper Mat Ryan and captain Mile Jedinak.

Take a look below to see how the 'Money World Cup' would work out.


Brazil (Group winner)
Total Market Value: $718,299,900
Rank: 1
Highest-Valued Player: Neymar ($88,297,440)

Croatia (Runner-up)
Total Market Value: $258,755,400
Rank: 13
Highest-Valued Player: Luka Modric ($54,444,000)

Total Market Value: $184,251,690
Rank: 18
Highest-Valued Player: Alex Song ($24,499,800)

Total Market Value: $94,490,334
Rank: 26
Highest-Valued Player: Javier Hernandez ($21,777,600)


Spain (Group winner)
Total Market Value: $673,567,074
Rank: 2
Highest-Valued Player: Andres Iniesta ($74,816,500)

Netherlands (Runner-up)
Total Market Value: $248,775,524
Rank: 14
Highest-Valued Player: Robin van Persie ($54,444,000)

Total Market Value: $200,026,562
Rank: 16
Highest-Valued Player: Arturo Vidal ($59,879,600)

Total Market Value: $61,119,810
Rank: 29
Highest-Valued Player: Mathew Ryan, Mile Jedinak ($3,402,250)


Colombia (Group winner)
Total Market Value: $311,013,926
Rank: 10
Highest-Valued Player: Falcao ($81,618,000)

Cote d'Ivoire (Runner-up)
Total Market Value: $207,628,902
Rank: 15
Highest-Valued Player: Yaya Toure ($40,833,000)

Total Market Value: $167,655,654
Rank: 20
Highest-Valued Players: Shinji Kagawa, Keisuke Honda ($23,138,700)

Total Market Value: $120,767,391
Rank: 23
Highest-Valued Player: Sokratis ($20,404,500)


England (Group winner)
Total Market Value: $493,232,648
Rank: 6
Highest-Valued Player: Wayne Rooney ($61,249,500)

Italy (Runner-up)
Total Market Value: $448,802,087
Rank: 8
Highest-Valued Player: Mario Balotelli ($40,833,000)

Total Market Value: $260,495,307
Rank: 12
Highest-Valued Player: Edinson Cavani ($81,666,000)

Costa Rica
Total Market Value: $51,751,080
Rank: 31
Highest-Valued Player: Bryan Ruiz ($10,888,800)


France (Group winner)
Total Market Value: $555,070,372
Rank: 5
Highest-Valued Player: Paul Pogba ($61,240,500)

Switzerland (Runner-up)
Total Market Value: $194,773,250
Rank: 17
Highest-Valued Players: Ricardo Rodriguez, Xherdan Shaqiri ($27,222,000)

Total Market Value: $114,994,127
Rank: 24
Highest-Valued Player: Antonio Valencia ($21,777,600)

Total Market Value: $45,053,928
Rank: 32
Highest-Valued Player: Emilio Izaguirre ($5,784,675)


Argentina (Group winner)
Total Market Value: $654,482,640
Rank: 3
Highest-Valued Player: Lionel Messi ($163,332,000)

Bosnia-Herzegovina (Runner-up)
Total Market Value: $177,098,968
Rank: 19
Highest-Valued Player: Edin Dzeko ($32,666,400)

Total Market Value: $138,455,956
Rank: 22
Highest-Valued Player: John Obi Mikel ($27,222,000)

Total Market Value: $54,269,392
Rank: 30
Highest-Valued Player: Ashkan Dejagah ($4,083,300)


Germany (Group winner)
Total Market Value: $621,815,994
Rank: 4
Highest-Valued Player: Mario Gotze ($61,249,500)

Portugal (Runner-up)
Total Market Value: $399,518,890
Rank: 9
Highest-Valued Player: Cristiano Ronaldo ($136,110,000)

Total Market Value: $150,743,365
Rank: 21
Highest-Valued Player: Kwadwo Asamoah ($27,222,000)

United States
Total Market Value: $77,464,104
Rank: 28
Highest-Valued Player: Clint Dempsey ($9,527,700)


Belgium (Group winner)
Total Market Value: $467,856,476
Rank: 7
Highest-Valued Player: Eden Hazard ($61,240,500)

Russia (Runner-up)
Total Market Value: $261,968,904
Rank: 11
Highest-Valued Player: Igor Akinfeev ($27,222,000)

Total Market Value: $104,932,697
Rank: 25
Highest-Valued Player: Sofiane Feghouli ($16,333,200)

Korea Republic
Total Market Value: $83,329,629
Rank: 27
Highest-Valued Player: Heung-Min Son ($19,055,400)


Brazil ($718,299,900) bt Netherlands ($248,775,524)

Italy ($448,802,087) bt Colombia ($311,013,926)

France ($555,070,372) bt Bosnia-Herzegovina ($177,098,968)

Germany ($621,815,994) bt Russia ($261,968,904)

Spain ($673,567,074) bt Croatia ($258,755,400)

England ($493,232,648) bt Cote d’Ivoire ($207,628,902)

Argentina ($654,482,640) bt Switzerland ($194,773,250)

Belgium ($467,856,476) bt Portugal ($399,518,890)


Brazil ($718,299,900) bt Italy ($448,802,087)

Germany ($621,815,994) bt France ($555,070,372)

Spain ($673,567,074) bt England ($493,232,648)

Argentina ($654,482,640) bt Belgium ($467,856,476)


Brazil ($718,299,900) bt Germany ($621,815,994)

Spain ($673,567,074) bt Argentina ($654,482,640)


Brazil ($718,299,900) bt Spain ($673,567,074)

Data courtesy of Valor, Transfermarkt and The Score. All figures in US dollars.

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  1. A04:31pm Saturday 07th June 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Not surprising for a country fixated on sports other than soccer to the point of belittling it. Also very much a late comer to the world scene of a long standing game amongst countries with significantly more established focus and playing history in the world game. Definitely, the underdogs with a smaller cheer squad back home than elsewhere. C'mon Soccerroos, oi, oi, oi!

  2. Galaipos06:34pm Friday 06th June 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Shock,horror - not. Throwing dollars into the mix is just another spin on the cold hard,well known, and already beaten into pulp, the fact,(not fiction) that the Aussies are clearly underdogs in this billion dollar fest. So what is actually new that we don't already know?

  3. underarm_bowler06:42pm Thursday 05th June 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    It's actually worth nothing. Unlike proper football, not soccer

  4. Tony05:13pm Thursday 05th June 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    what a joke ...........SPAIN IS BROKE ,TOO ??????

  5. Tony05:12pm Thursday 05th June 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    OUR GOVERNMENT ,should abduct them ,& put them up 4 ransom ,.....bail our economy out ,& LEAVE THE OLD PENSIONS ,ALONE

  6. Byron05:01pm Thursday 05th June 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    This is "new data"??? What a joke.

  7. PhilC03:44pm Thursday 05th June 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    So, "our 23 players IS worth less than ... ". Well I are surprised too and I'm sure others is as well, but perhaps no more surprised at this glaring example of modern grammatical usage that is either an indictment on current educational standards or just plain poor editing.

    1 Reply
  8. Sportslover01:51pm Thursday 05th June 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    I'm afraid it does put it all into perspective, there are also at least half a dozen more players in this category who aren't even playing at the WC.

  9. tony11:00am Thursday 05th June 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    have i got enough money for a big mac i will check under the seat.




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