South African international somehow survives horror crash
South African international somehow survives horror crash

South African footballer Rooi Mahamutsa was incredibly unhurt as he left the scene of a horrendous car accident in his home town of Johannesburg.

Astonishing images of the horrific crash were recently posted on Twitter by Rob Byrne, who works for South African travel news service TrafficNet.

32-year-old Mahamutsa, who plays for the Orlando Pirates in Major League Soccer, was out driving when his car slipped on a wet patch, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and crash.

The pictures showed the wreckage of the BMW 3-Series skewered on a guardrail after the collision.

The confronting pictures revealed that the rail guarding the edge of the road had managed to pierce the rear of his car and infiltrate the entire vehicle, exiting through the windscreen.

After the crash he was rushed to Morningside hospital and was incredibly discharged later in the day, suffering only minor injuries.

The crash took place near Marlboro, Johannesburg earlier this month but the shocking pictures have only just emerged.

Mahamutsa plays in defense and has won three caps for the South African national football team.

The wreakage of Mahamutsa's car. Source: Rob Byrne/Twitter

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