Man loses his house after bad bet on Arsenal
Man loses his house after bad bet on Arsenal

An Arsenal supporter has lost his house after betting it on the result of the weekend defeat to Manchester United.

Henry Dhabasani bet his family home that Arsenal would beat United; Rashid Yiga, a United supporter, wagered his car and wife in return.

The pair, in the Iganga district of Eastern Uganda, took the wager so seriously that local elders and supporters witnessed the signing of the bet.

Dhabasani reportedly fainted at full-time, with Arsenal’s 1-0 loss condemning him to homelessness. The following Monday, his house was seized by United fans, leaving him, his three wives and five children without a roof over their heads.

Fans of English clubs in Africa often make the headlines with their extreme behaviour during and after big matches.

In 2009, a Nigerian Manchester United fan drove a bus into a group of Barcelona supporters following his side’s 2-0 Champions League final defeat to the Spaniards. Four were killed and a further 10 injured.

Weeks previously an Arsenal fan in Kenya committed suicide by hanging after his side were beaten in the semis. He was found dead wearing his favourite club's shirt.

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