Yesterday we were left gobsmaked by Zlatan Ibrahimovic's wonder goal against England. Today have a good laugh at one of the game's brightest stars completely stuffing up a penalty.

Ibrahimovic's overhead scissor kick from 30 yards has many calling it one of the best ever goals scored, while other consider it a bit of a fluke. There was no denying the audacity behind the execution.

But perhaps Brazil's 20-year-old star Neymar should have gone the other way, dumping all arrogance and audacity for a clinical finish.

Instead he conjured up arguably the worst penalty miss you will ever see against Colombia in a friendly. And this after he had nailed a brilliant equaliser early in the second half.

This penalty, in the 80th minute, would have given Brazil a seventh successive win.

Instead Neymar took a long and jinking run up and lifted the ball so high over the bar it was in danger of leaving the stadium.

Normally that kind of miss will send the opposing team into raptures of sledging but so shocked were they by the miss that several opponents even consoled the youngster.

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