You're a face in the crowd, and the coach of the national team needs you to play. Not only do you play, you score a magnificent goal.

It sounds like something out of a fairytale, but for 20-year-old Sarah Crilly it became a reality when she ended up playing an international friendly for Scotland.

The team was going through an injury crisis in their match against Norway at East End Park in Dunfermline when Crilly was tapped on the shoulder at half-time while queuing for a hot drink.

Crilly had helped out at the national team's traning session the day before, and plays for Hamilton Ladies.

"I was standing with all my friends waiting on a cup of tea when the team administrator came up and asked if I had my boots with me. I didn't," Sarah told The Scottish Sun.

"So she took me to the changing rooms, and got me kitted out."

At that stage, Crilly was just going to sit on the bench as emergency cover but she found herself on the pitch with 28 minutes to go after Rhonda James succumbed to injury.

"I was there for a day out with my pals — next thing I know I'm stepping on the park. It was crazy," Crilly said.

"I couldn't believe it when I scored. It was incredible."

The fairy tale was completed with Scotland trailing 2-1 five minutes from time. Crilly latched on to her opportunity and levelled the match against Norway.

In normal circumstances, Crilly would have had to be registered before the match to play but because it was a friendly the referee gave it the green light.

And after her performance, she now has a shot at the national team outright. Scotland boss Anna Signeul said that he was "very pleased with her".

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