Gallop to replace Buckley as FFA boss
Gallop to replace Buckley as FFA boss

Former NRL chief David Gallop has been announced as the incoming CEO of Football Federation Australia.

Existing FFA boss Ben Buckley will resign from his role after negotiations for the FFA's broadcast deal are finalised in approximately two months time.

Gallop stood down from his position with the National Rugby League and Australian Rugby League Commission in controversial circumstances in June this year.

Chairman of the FFA Frank Lowy, says it was soon after this that he and Gallop discussed their options.

“These discussions created the opportunity for us to consider Mr Gallop as a successor to Ben,” he said.

“Mr Gallop comes to the job well-equipped to meet the challenges ahead.
“He is an experienced sports administrator of high standing and is widely respected across all sports.”

Outgoing CEO Ben Buckley, a former AFL player with North Melbourne, is confident the upcoming broadcast deal will stand the sport in good stead going forward.

“The broadcast deal is at the heart of the future of football in this country and it has been the most critical aspect of my work for the past 18 months,” Buckley said.
“I told the Chairman [Lowy] some time ago I was determined to negotiate the best possible deal to underpin the future growth of the game but that once done I would like to work with he and the board to identify a successor.”

Lowy heaped praise on the work done by Buckley during his tenure at the helm.
“Ben has worked tirelessly for football both at home and abroad and has steered the game through a difficult period of consolidation,” he said.
“He has the respect and thanks of the board for his contribution and he will remain a valued friend of the game."
Currently overseas on leave, Gallop will face the media in two weeks time, with an exact commencement date yet to be confirmed.

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