Roberto di Matteo is proud to be leading Chelsea into the new season.

After the euphoria of the Champions League triumph in Munich, Di Matteo took a well-deserved rest, during which he received the good news from Abramovich that he had been given the coach's job on a permanent basis.

He accepted without hesitation, he said, even though he acknowledged that his predecessors had not lasted long.

"I was very happy to be considered and to be given the opportunity," said the Italian.

Yet the pressure of last season took its toll.

"I needed a holiday," said Di Matteo. "It was a good break and now I feel fully refreshed and ready to go."

Now he wants to ignore Chelsea's greatest night and make them a power at home and abroad again. 'I have to forget about the Champions League, absolutely," he said.

"It's part of the past, done and dusted. We have a new start, new challenges and it's going to be difficult for us. Everybody is going to raise their game against us."

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