Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho was happy to leave Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch for longer than expected in today's 5-1 thrashing of AC Milan.

Ronaldo played a preseason high of 80 minutes at Yankee Stadium in New York.

"I understood that the stadium was also demanding that [that Ronaldo plays more minutes]," Mourinho said afterwards. "A historical stadium. A historical opponent. Full stadium. Great support.

"The best way to promote the game is to play like we did tonight.

"And I think Cristiano was part of the show. He's a part of what the people want to see.

"There was lots of magic here, and I think we did what the stadium deserved and what Yankee history deserved and what the people deserved because it was magnificent.

"If I have this kind of crowd, so enthusiastic crowd in the Bernab-u, I don't lose a match in the Bernab-u. The people are fantastic, enjoying, supporting and reacting to the great [plays]. And so I just love it."

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