Chelsea legend Ron 'Chopper' Harris has revealed he was offered the chance to lead the players to collect their medals after the Champions League final.

No man has played more games for Chelsea than Harris' 795 over a 20-year career, and he says Chelsea looked to recognise this fact when they reached their second Champions League final against Bayern Munich on May 19.

In a self-penned introduction to Harry Harris' new book 'The Roman Conquest: Chelsea, Kings of Europe 2012', the former defensive hard man writes: "When Chelsea made it to the Champions League final, the chairman Bruce Buck spoke to me.

"Then I received a phone call from chief executive Ron Gourlay inviting me to lead the team up to collect either the losers or the winners medals, and if they won, the trophy itself.

"(Former chief executive) Peter Kenyon did it in Moscow (in 2008), but they clearly wanted a football person and they came to me having been so long at the club."

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