Let this be a warning to takers of cheeky penalties everywhere - when things go wrong you can end up looking like a right idiot.

Amir Sayoud of Egyptian giants Al Ahly perpetrated one of the worst penalties of all time on Tuesday when he attempted to deceive Kima Aswan's goalkeeper from the spot.

Amir approached the ball and faked to shoot but pulled back at the last moment as the goalkeeper move to his right. But as he tried to shoot properly, Amir lost balance and fell over on to the ball, propelling it weakly towards the keeper.

To make matters worse, the goal would not have counted even if he had scored - it is illegal to take a 'fake' shot with a penalty, and the referee showed him a yellow card for his offence.

On the bright side, Al Ahly won the match 4-0.

Thanks to Eurosport.

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