Bushwacker, a giant 730kg beast, is now regarded as a once-in-a-lifetime champion animal.

This season, eight bull riders have attempted to mount this monster for the required eight seconds needed in a qualifying ride, and not one has been able to complete the task.

Since the bull fully matured the longest recorded time anyone has been able to ride him has been 6.6 seconds - the average time for professional riders is just 3.06 seconds.

Bushwacker bucks off a professional rider: Screengrab

In 2009 Bushwacker was mounted for eight seconds but he was still an adolescent at this stage.

It takes about 7.5kg of corn, grain and peanut hulls along with 150 litres of water a day to keep Bushwacker happy.

The powerful beast earns around US$330,000 a year and his sperm fetches up to $2000 a sample.

A scary aspect? Just as the announcer says in the clip, "Bushwacker hasn't even warmed up yet."

Thanks to The Post Game.

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