Footage shows chaotic moment man tries to save parasailor from strong winds

Emerald Pellot
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Two men in Panama got hilariously caught in a mighty wind.

Footage from 2019 shows the two men attempting to do precisely the opposite of what happened.

One man was connected to a green parasail while the other was trying to hold him to the ground on a windy day. But the second man wasn’t strong enough (and well, parasails are kind of made to be aerodynamic) and the two were both swept away.

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The men could be heard howling as the wind elevated them several feet above the ground in a wide, grassy field. Meanwhile, the person filming laughed audibly in the background.

The wind eventually let up and the men plummeted to the ground together, laughing, before the video cut out.

Parasailing is considered a low-risk sport but there are some dangers and wind is definitely one of them. Some people have been thrown into buildings, gotten tangled in their canopy cords and fallen into the boats towing them when winds have gotten out of control.

“A law was passed in Florida in 2014 that only allows parasailing crews to operate in wind speeds of less than 20 miles per hour,” according to Just Chute Me Parasail.

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However, Mark McCulloh, founder of the Parasail Safety Council suggested that the law should actually be closer to 15 miles per hour to protect parasailers from being blown away.

So let’s just say, leave the parasailing up to the experts!

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