Florence Pugh reveals first look at MCU's Thunderbolts movie

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Florence Pugh shares Thunderbolts first lookMarvel Studios

Florence Pugh has given fans a first sneak peek at Marvel's upcoming Thunderbolts movie as filming gets underway in Atlanta.

Taking to Instagram, Pugh shared a video of herself in costume as Yelena Belova before "sneakily" taking fans on a tour around the set and revealing the new Thunderbolts logo on the back of production chairs.

"Hey guys, how you doin'," the actress began. "I know that I've dropped off for a little beat, but partly that's because I was whisked off to Atlanta to go and shoot a movie that I'm not really allowed to talk much about. But I can show you things... Sneakily."

Pugh then turned the camera to give fans a look at her new costume for Yelena's Black Widow – which features a jumpsuit and utility belt, complete with cropped hair and blue eyeshadow.

florence pugh on the set of thunderbolts

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She then went inside one of the studios to give a "sneak peek" at some of the movie's various sets, pointing to one of the builds and saying: "What's that? What's going to be in there?"

The actress also showed director Jake Schreier at work – with what appeared to be one of Pugh's scenes on the monitors – before the pair joked about what they could and couldn't reveal about the movie.

Pugh ended the video by panning over to several more members of the film's crew and saying: "We can say 'we're having an amazing time', and I can't wait to show you what we've made!"

florence pugh as yelena, black widow
Marvel Studios

Originally set for release in July 2025, Thunderbolts recently had its release date brought forward to May 2, 2025, as part of a wider shake-up to the Marvel release calendar, with the upcoming Fantastic Four movie subsequently being pushed back to the summer.

Inspired by the comics of the same name, Thunderbolts tells the story of a bunch of Marvel anti-heroes recruited by the government for missions.

Alongside Pugh's Yelena Belova, who first made her debut in 2021's Black Widow, the film will also see the return of several Marvel stars, including Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes and Wyatt Russell as US Agent AKA John Walker.

Marvel Comics

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Joining them are Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, David Harbour as Red Guardian, Olga Kurylenko as Taskmaster and Hannah John-Kamen as Ghost.

Steven Yeun and Ayo Edebiri had previously been cast in the film but have since dropped out of the project due to scheduling conflicts, with Lewis Pullman and Geraldine Viswanathan later replacing them.

Thunderbolts is scheduled to be released in cinemas on May 2, 2025.

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