Five surfers drown on stormy Dutch coast

Five Dutch surfers aged 22 to 38 have drowned during a session in stormy seas off The Hague

Five experienced surfers have drowned after they went for a session in stormy weather off the Dutch coast.

Dutch authorities say the group jumped into the sea off The Hague late on Monday and likely couldn't deal with the combination of heavy weather, northerly winds and swells that hit the coast.

An additional problem was a thick layer of foam that drifted on the North Sea waters.

Four bodies have been recovered and the Dutch coast guard said a fifth body was seen floating in the waters, drifting out of reach.

The Hague mayor Johan Remkes said it was still too early to exactly say what caused the tragedy, especially since the surfers had plenty of experience.

The victims were between 22 and 38 and lived nearby.