The Five Guys Hack That Gets You 2 Burgers For (Almost) The Price Of One

Five Guys burger
Five Guys burger - Bloomberg/Getty Images

The internet is rife with a wide variety of fast food hacks to save you money, experiment with new flavor combinations, and find hidden menu items. Unfortunately, not all hacks presented on social media apps are winners. One such trick comes to us courtesy of a viral TikTok video, which shows a method for getting two Five Guys cheeseburgers for little more than the price of one.

Based on the comments, this hack seems to have raised a lot of eyebrows in the fast food community, as Five Guys has garnered something of a reputation for its high-priced burgers and fries. The trick calls for ordering a single cheeseburger, which comes with two patties, along with an extra set of buns, as well as a ton of additional toppings. Five Guys doesn't charge extra for their toppings, meaning consumers can order enough lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and other extras to spread across two separate burgers.

Once you've received your order, simply disassemble and reassemble your meal, placing one beef patty on each set of buns, and stacking high with your free toppings for two separate burgers.

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How Much Can You Save With This Five Guys Hack?

Five Guys dining room
Five Guys dining room - Bloomberg/Getty Images

Consumers looking to score the 2-for-1 hack at their local Five Guys may be dismayed to learn that the chain has since started charging extra for an additional bun. One Five Guys employee who watched the TikTok video specifically made note of this in the comment section, stating "Ha jokes on you, we're not allowed to give out free buns anymore due to this."

According to the receipt shown in the video, the single cheeseburger order rings in at $11.29. With all the toppings and the extra bun, in this instance free of charge, the order total comes to $12.28 after sales tax, meaning the two burgers ring in at a grand total of $6.14 each. Extra buns don't seem to be available as an add-on through the chain's online menu, which likely means the price of a bun will be left to the discretion of the individual location -- if they provide you the option at all.

While accounting for sales tax at a rate of 6.5%, the double-burger deal will continue to save you money as long as the cost of an additional bun clocks in at less than $6.49. Though you almost certainly save some money with this hack, it just seems so much more convenient to purchase two Five Guys little cheeseburgers for $8.89 each, while cutting out the added headache from the hack job that comes with reallocating your beef resources.

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