Fittler defends live Origin interview

Steve Zemek

NSW coach Brad Fittler has brushed aside criticism of his decision to do a live television interview during NSW's State of Origin III loss, reiterating his promise be accessible to the media.

Fittler raised eyebrows in some sections of social media for doing taking part in a cross to the Suncorp Stadium coach's box during Channel Nine's broadcast of the Blues' 18-12 loss on Wednesday.

Live in-game coach interviews are a common occurrence in Super Rugby games and the Blues' rookie mentor said having an open and transparent relationship with the media was a cornerstone of his philosophy.

Fittler, who is employed by Nine as a commentator and pundit, said he was approached by the network and agreed to give them access.

"Not really, I don't think (it's stressful)," Fittler said at the team's official reception at The Star on Thursday.

"There are only so many things you can do sometimes. It was a really enjoyable game. It wasn't quite going our way but it was enjoyable.

"I'm quite happy to talk on camera. Obviously I work in the media so it might be different if it was other coaches. I'm comfortable talking."

Fittler said it didn't prove a distraction and he would have done it even if the game wasn't a dead-rubber.

"I can't see why not. I think opening the team to the media has changed a lot of people's views," Fittler said.

"Speaking like that didn't really bother me."

Fittler broke new ground during the Blues' camp this series, providing unprecedented media access including making every player available for interview after each training session.

"That was important, people want to know the stories and hear from the players," Fittler said.

"Our mindset the whole time was an opportunity to talk to our fans."