First trailer for Ozark star Julia Garner's critically acclaimed new movie The Royal Hotel

julia garner, the royal hotel
First trailer for Julia Garner's acclaimed movieNEON Films

The tense first trailer for Ozark star Julia Garner's new movie The Royal Hotel has been released.

The upcoming film recently premiered and has since attracted acclaim, earning a 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Focusing on two backpackers (Garner and Jessica Henwick), the thriller sees the pair take a job in an Outback bar, though as they are introduced to the local drinking culture and men that frequent the bar, things begin to take a shocking turn.

julia garner, jessica henwick, the royal hotel
Courtesy of TIFF

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The trailer introduces us to Hanna and Liv, as the latter says: "Let's put up for it for a few weeks, make some cash, it'll toughen us up".

However, things start to turn dark as they come across the misogynistic male clientele, Hanna calling them "disgusting" as she expresses a desire to get away. We then see a montage of violent scenes to come.

The early reviews have praised the movie, notably Garner's "flawless" and Henwick's "fantastic" performances.

julia garner, the royal hotel
NEON Films

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"It’s a wild ride start to finish, elevated by a healthy dose of Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes, a pinch of ‘90s-style indie pulp, as well as a nod to the Australian cult flick, Wake in Fright," IndieWire added in their verdict of the film.

However, not all the reviews were completely glowing, with The Hollywood Reporter saying that while it has "flawless performances and outstanding craftsmanship, The Royal Hotel is a pummeling experience rather than a revelatory one".

The Royal Hotel is directed and written by The Assistant's Kitty Green, and also stars Lord of the Rings' Hugo Weaving and Babyteeth's Toby Wallace.

The Royal Hotel is yet to receive a release date.

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