First trailer for Glen Powell's Netflix movie Hit Man

adria arjona and glen powell in netflix movie hit man
First trailer for Glen Powell's Netflix movieNetflix

Glen Powell stars as undercover police officer in the trailer for Richard Linklater's upcoming film Hit Man.

Presented at Venice International Film Festival last September, the action comedy sees the Top Gun: Maverick star in the role of Gary Johnson, a Houston college professor who moonlights as a cop posing as a hitman.

Gary works to arrest those who hire his contract assassin persona, with one of his missions leading him to cross paths with Maddy Masters (Good Omens' Adria Arjona), a woman who asks him to suffocate his abusive husband.

As Gary becomes smitten with Maddy, will he be able to go through with his duties?

glen powell in netflix movie hit man

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Alongside Powell and Arjona, the cast features Austin Amelio as policeman Jasper, Retta and Sanjay Rao as two police officers Gary works for, and Evan Holtzman as Ray Masters, Maddy's husband, with Molly Bernard and Mike Markoff also appearing in supporting roles.

Powell co-wrote the script for Hit Man together with Linklater, with the story based off an article of the same name that appeared in 2001's Texas Monthly magazine.

adria arjona and glen powell in netflix movie hit man

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Linklater, known for the Before movies trilogy starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy and beloved musical comedy School of Rock, previously explained Hit Man aims to deconstruct the hitman film genre.

“The movie is just a deconstruction of the hitman myth seen from an undercover perspective. There are gangs and there are drug cartels, there are definitely killings, but the retail hitman… that's what's kind of ludicrous," he told Deadline last year.

"The whole thing is kind of an examination of self, the idea of, 'Are we who we think we are, is the self mutable, are we fixed, what does it even mean?' Notions of identity are pretty unstable these days and that makes it an interesting subject to take on."

Hit Man will become available to stream on Netflix on June 7.

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