First *NSYNC song in more than 20 years debuts in Trolls 3 trailer

trolls band together
Trolls 3 trailer debuts new *NSYNC songUniversal Pictures - Universal

Trolls Band Together brings back Poppy and Branch in October, but their return is likely to be overshadowed by another comeback for music fans of a certain generation.

The new trailer for the animated threequel has debuted the first new *NSYNC song in more than 20 years. It follows the band's surprise reunion at the 2023 Video Music Awards to present the Best Pop award, which went to Taylor Swift's 'Anti-Hero'.

We get a brief listen of the new track 'Better Place' at the end of the trailer, but we'll have to wait until nearer Trolls Band Together's release to hear the whole track.

joey fatone, lance bass, justin timberlake, jc chasez and chris kirkpatrick of nsync speak onstage during the 2023 mtv video music awards
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If it sounds odd that *NSYNC would choose a Trolls movie for their comeback, that's only because you might not be aware that Justin Timberlake voices main character Branch in the hugely popular series.

He's joined again by Anna Kendrick as Poppy and the threequel sees Branch's secret past as a boyband member revealed. Once part of BroZone with his four brothers, Branch hasn't seen them since the band broke up.

However, now that Branch's brother Floyd has been kidnapped for his musical talents by a pair of pop-star villains, Branch and Poppy must reunite his other brothers and rescue Floyd before it's too late.

BroZone are voiced in Trolls Band Together by Troye Sivan, Eric André, Daveed Diggs and Kid Cudi, while the new movie also stars Amy Schumer and Andrew Rannells as the villainous duo Velvet and Veneer.

trolls band together
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As revealed in the first trailer, other newcomers to the series include Camila Cabello, Zosia Mamet and RuPaul Charles. Zooey Deschanel, Kunal Nayyar and Kenan Thompson are among the returning cast members for the third movie.

Before Justin Timberlake returns as Branch, we'll see him in new Netflix crime thriller Reptile which is released on October 6.

Trolls Band Together is released in UK cinemas on October 20 and in US cinemas on November 17.

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